Pre-Award Vendor Audits

Activities performed during the Pre-Award Vendor Audits

  • Review supplier's safety procedures, processes and records.
  • Identify any disparities that may exist between the RFP and the supplier's tender that should be resolved during the initial meeting with the survey team.
  • Review of production plans and shop loading to ensure that contract schedules can be achieved.
  • Ensure availability and operability of adequate plant facilities and equipment.
  • Verify the transportation, packaging and preservation conditions of the proposal.
  • Ensure the human resources’ adequate skills in order to complete the required work scope.
  • Gather financial documentation, including the company's current profit and loss summary, balance sheet, cash flow chart and other pertinent financial information.
  • Prepare a listing of available tools and equipment.
  • Verify plans or subcontracts for vendor supplies and materials to assure that the final delivery schedule can be met. Confirm that these plans are verifiable.
  • Review any technical data and publications that may be required under the proposed contract and verify they are understood by the company.
  • Review the quality control program for their feasibility and consistency with the quality requirements stated in the contract.